A 2-day "hands-on" course in
Li-ion battery cell assembly

. . . just do it!

new date to be announced


LiFeSiZE AB - Uppsala

Welcome to a unique Li-ion battery assembly course - exploiting LiFeSiZE´s new prototype pilot-line in Uppsala!
The course will comprise an interleaved series of lectures and practical exercises in which participants will get a first-hand (“hands-on”) feeling for the critical steps in Li-ion battery cell fabrication - from slurry preparation right through to cell formation and testing.

Some extracts from the course plan:
    • The general design and construction of a Li-ion battery.
    • Electrode slurry preparation, incl. rheometric analysis.
    • Electrode coating/drying on LiFeSiZE’s 6m pilot-line.
    • Electrode cutting, calendering, punching and stacking.
    • Cell packaging, electrolyte injection and sealing.
    • Cell formation and testing.

When and where:
The course will be given, new date to be announced, at LiFeSiZE: Lefflersgatan 3A in Uppsala: www.LiFeSiZE.se

Course fee:

The fee for the course will be 27 800 SEK + VAT. Lunches and “coffees” are included.

NOTE: travel and accommodation costs are not included in the course fee.

Target group:
The course will place no strict preconditions on the background of its participants, but is intended especially for people with a general interest in the subject and especially for those involved in different aspects of industrial Li-ion battery R&D. The course will also provide a deeper understanding of cell- and supplier-selection for portable, vehicle and stationary applications. The language of the course will be English.

The course leaders

Josh Thomas, LiFeSiZE AB was Professor of Solid State Electrochemistry at Uppsala University until 2009; he founded the Ångström Advanced Battery Centre at Uppsala University in 2000 and LiFeSiZE AB in 2006.
Henrik Eriksson LiFeSiZE AB has been chief battery technician at the Ångström Advanced Battery Centre of Uppsala University since 2003, where he has accumulated a wealth of experience of Li-ion battery fabrication at the basic research level. He is now employed half-time at LiFeSiZE AB, where he is applying his “hands-on” know-how to the extra challenges of battery cell scale-up.
Helena Berg, AB Libergreen took her PhD in 1999 within the Materials Chemistry of Li-ion batteries. She has worked with Li-ion batteries as battery specialist for AB Volvo and has been an independent battery consultant since 2012 with her main focus on R&D strategies for advanced Li-ion batteries.

Register for the course by filling out the form under this link.
Participation is only guaranteed after written confirmation from LiFeSiZE.

Registration deadline:
Terms and conditions

Registration is binding as soon as a participant has received confirmation of registration from LiFeSiZE AB. A participant may cancel his/her participation by sending an email to JOT@LiFeSiZE.se. If participation is cancelled 4-2 weeks prior to the course start-date, the participant will be invoiced for 50% of the course fee. If participation is cancelled 2-0 weeks prior to the course start-date, the participant will be invoiced for the full course fee. If a participant is unable to attend the course, his/her reservation may be transferred to another person within the same company by agreement with LiFeSiZE AB.

LiFeSiZE AB holds the right to cancel the course. In this event, all paid course fees will be refunded. No additional refunds will be paid. Further, LiFeSiZE AB reserves the right to change the course program, lecturers, times and location.

The course fee will be invoiced at the same time as confirmation of registration is sent out by LiFeSiZE AB - with a payment deadline of 20 days.

Force majeure
LiFeSiZE AB cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by Swedish or foreign government actions, war, strikes, lockouts, labour disputes or similar - and shall not be held responsible if the course is partly or entirely cancelled due, for example, to illness of the lecturers. The conditions regarding strikes, lockouts and labour disputes apply even if the company itself is the subject of such actions or is taking such actions.